Custom Power Supplies

N2Power delivers unique solutions

Our N2Power brand is synonymous with giving our customers' OEM-engineering teams the exact solutions that they require. Whether our solution was achieved by taking a standard model and 'tweaking' it to fit needs, or by starting from a ground-up design working from a power specification, we have delivered over 140 custom / semi-custom power solutions to our customers, in a wide variety of industries. We are committed to helping our customers with innovative solutions that make their products and systems more competitive.

Illustrated below are several examples. The first is one in which we leveraged our company's extensive mechanical engineering and manufacturing resources to deliver a unique solution for a customer in the gaming industry. In this case we packaged two power supplies for N+1 operation in a custom enclosure designed to directly replace an antiquated module. This design is not only substantially more functional and reliable, it is a “drop in” replacement.

We would be happy to discuss how we can help meet your special product or application requirements.