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Qualstar's Compass Architecture


The two types of Library Resource Modules, XLS‑832700 and XLS‑8161100, may be used as stand-alone libraries or they may be used in conjunction with XLS‑89000 Media Expansion Modules to build very high capacity libraries.

Qualstar's patented Compass Architecture allows the robotic tape handler in each LRM to rotate through a full 360 degrees, enabling it to access tapes from the slots of one or two MEM units attached to the sides of the LRM, as well as from the LRM's own internal slots. This combination of Compass Architecture and Qualstar's patented high-speed carousel technology offers several advantages:

  • High reliability resulting from the use of separate robots in each LRM, each of which never has to travel more than 21" laterally.
  • Easy library expansion, as no change is required to the tracks on which the tape handler robots travel. (Note: Some competitive systems require track replacement during library expansion, to enable a single robot to traverse across multiple cabinets.)
  • Very fast tape seek times, because carousel rotation and robot positioning take place concurrently.